These works explore a long process of time-based casting techniques and the concurrent aesthetics of decomposition. Starting with fresh botanical samples, each layer is a snapshot of a stage in the decay of these perishable fruits. Other media such as gold leaf, acrylic beads and paints have been included. 

Each of these sculptures are unique, handcrafted gradient cast resin blocks, made with real fruit . They have been sanded with industrial machines and finished professionally for a crystal-clear view inside.  They are each equipped with high quality hanging hardware and ribbon. 

Each work is for sale --- either individually or as a complete set of three.  They are designed to hang in windows as sun catchers.  Please contact me for more details on purchasing original artworks. 

"Citrus & Gold"

Mixed media with preserved lemon, resin dyes, gold foil, metal beads, gold leaf & acrylic paint. 

"Dragonfruit Medley"

Mixed Media with preserved dragonfruit, grapefruit and strawberries. Other elements: acrylic beads, resin dyes, acrylic paint, glitter and gold leaf.  


Mixed media with preserved tangerine (orange species), resin dyes, acrylic paint and gold leaf.

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