As a surrealist, one contemplates the liminal threshold(s) of multidimensional reality.  Paradigms of being presence illuminate an infinite kaleidoscope of biological, social-political , trans-personal and transcendental circumstances of consciousness. 

"Identity is a fragile and temporal creature: visceral and transient. It is the precarious tool for the self to express will and knowledge: to be and to do. As tragic experiments, the mundane dimensions of egoic wish-fulfillment dissolve as instantaneously and simultaneously as they strive to articulate the distance between real and ideal visions. The aspirant beholds one's own golden halo of hubris, just as novel becoming arrives to dissolve the satisfaction. The achievement of knowledge is a stream of becomings, a kaleidoscope of desire displaced by time. The encounter between the concrete and the abstract is both imaginary and real - psychic maps of desire become the trajectories through which we negotiate space and time. 

The archer must aim and shoot wisely: The arrow of ambition arrives and creates meaning just as the target becomes the destination of ephemeral truth. The aspirant and achiever meld to simultaneously comprehend the larger experience from which the stream of existence emanates. The zodiacal mythos reaches it's zenith as the quest for wisdom manifests in worldly success.

Self is experience, never becoming known. This subterfuge realizes itself as deeply liberating, grasping the spirit upholding the phenomenal world. The stream of new tensions and fragmentations of the will, new dilemmas and paradoxes is eternal. Self is the shapeshifter variable - the aspiration is the mind thread to other dimensions beyond time. Self lives inside narratives and holograms: they are entangled. One is the author and performer of the dream-reality one inhabits. "

-Accompanied with "Wish Fulfillment: Jupiter Direct" (Painting), 2016


With surrealistic intent and symbolist perspective, this collection of work traverses the metaphysical experience of the Self.  Given a visionary frame, forms thrive within and without a labyrinth of visual language.  Here, both the phenomenology and emotional intelligence of various subjects are considered.

Philosophy, archetypal insight, mysticism & consciousness theories percolate as central themes at the heart of this work. Any and all nuances conveyed are subjective to the audience: an esoteric substance lies therein.  Aesthetic inspiration is drawn from various sources, with a special appreciation for collage methodology and true colour harmonies as both the theory and praxis of invocation.  Thus, concepts are cultivated with both traditional and modern significance.


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